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    How to reduce the output speed of NORD gearmotors
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    We will encounter some problems sometimes when using NORD gear units, but as long as we have basic acknowledgement and common sense on NORD gear motors, some simple problems can be resolved by us. Today we are going to share with you some relevant acknowledgement: how to reduce output speed of NORD reducer? This is much more important to use NORD reducers.
    NORD gear input shaft is equipped with a dislocation 180°double eccentric bushing, and eccentric bushing is equipped with two roller bearing, to form the center hole of both cycloid tumbler of H machine and precision planetary gear units, that is rotating bearing raceway in eccentric bushing, and cycloid gear is meshed with a ring-arranged needle teeth.
    When input shaft is rotating one round with eccentric, cycloid motion is becoming both revolution and rotation plane motion due to the feature of the cycloid gear profile and restriction of gear needle teeth. When input shaft rotates clockwise one round, eccentric is also one-round rotation, cycloid is rotating one gear in the opposite direction to get speed reduction, then through W output mechanism, the low-speed rotation motion of cycloid wheel is transmitted to output shaft through cycloid shaft, to obtain lower output speed.

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