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    Name:MOVITRAC LT series frequency inverter
    time:2009-9-13 2:17:12
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    Design: power range for SEW MOVITRAC LT is up to 160 kw, almost suitable for all open-loop drive application and speed modulation of frequency control to SEW and Non SEW AC gearmotors.
    Operation and display: complete function, simple operation and factory value is suitable for most of applications. The quick and precise parameters can be set and operated through infrared interface.
    EMC: SEW MOVITRAC LT frequency inverter is designed according to high standard magnetic requirements, to meet EN610004(Class A) EMC standard.
    Features: product series
    -110-115V , 1/2 . 1 1/2 HP
    -220-240V , 0.37KW-90KW( Single phase or three phase )
    -380-480V , 0.75KW-160KW
    -480-525V , 18.5-160KW
    Single drive concept is to lower the cost of inventory, training and technical support
    Compact contour
    Applied to worsening conditions in industry, environmental temperature 50 degrees
    Simple mechanical and electric installation
    Simple operation, excellent performance and easy to apply
    Simple initialization, the setting value after factory is almost suitable for most of application, only 14 basic parameter adjustable (maximum 40 )
    Built-in brake chopper (Non S1 work ) optional
    Built-in RFI filter and line choke (S4, 5&6)
    Motor current and speed indication
    32khz switch frequency, motor running with low noise
    Fault diagnosis through parameter p-00
    150% overload running 60S (175% over load 2S)
    Single phase inverter high power up to 45kw
    Optical fiber communication

    MOVITRAC LTS Standard
    Power: 0.75 to 160 kw
    Recommended motor power: 0.37 to 160 kw
    Power voltage: 3*220 to 240v / 3*380 to 480v

    Power: 0.75 to 160 kw
    Recommended motor power: 0.37 to 160 kw
    Power voltage: 3*220 to 240v / 3*380v to 480v

    Power: 0.37 to 4 kw
    Recommended motor power: 0.37 to 4 kw
    Power voltage: 3*220v to 240v (0.37 -2.2 kw) / 3*380 to 480v (0.75- 4 kw)

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